Alcohol Free-Adventures: Tips for Traveling While Sober

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In recent years, being completely sober or partaking in sober months has become more popular. We have even seen non-alcoholic bars opening in popular cities.

For those who want to experience a completely sober vacation, we have some fun tips and tricks so that you can still get the most out of any experience.

Pre-Plan Activities

Zip Lining
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For many people on vacation, walking through the town or city and finding an excellent bar or restaurant is their activity for the day. However, for a person who doesn’t drink alcohol, sitting at a restaurant for hours after eating can be a rather pointless activity.

Instead, plan and book some activities. For example, many museums require pre-booked time slots. Other outdoor activities like zip lining or riding in sand buggies can also be pre-planned so that everyone in your party knows where they’re going and what they’re doing for fun on a particular day.

Pick Restaurants Based on Food, Not Drinks

Street Food in Italy
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When visiting Europe, you might think alcohol is a part of every meal, but this isn’t true. Instead, ask around for the local’s favorite places.

In Italy, many famous pizza and sandwich places are takeaway only. Planning on visiting these shops for super fun culinary experiences and then eating in a park with a fun soda or juice can be just as exciting as sitting down with a glass of wine.

Visit Alcohol-Free Beaches

Woman Walking
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Many beaches, national parks, and outdoor areas will be alcohol-free areas. Pack a lunch with water or local beverages from a grocery store or shop to enjoy while experiencing an outdoor activity.

Many regions will usually have exciting beverages to explore without alcohol. Fresh mango or papaya juice will be readily available in tropical areas like the Caribbean, where they grow some of the best fruit on earth.

Choose Travel Companions Wisely

Two People Traveling
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Choosing the right travel partners can be the key to having a fun adventure. Many people assume that both days and nights will center around drinking and partying. If that is just not what you’re into, be sure to pick the proper travel companions.

Choosing someone who has a similar lifestyle and won’t complain when you skip the bar or the club is a big part of having fun. Someone else who wants to experience adventures and activities will be critical.

Skip the Resort

Villa in
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Most resorts and cruise ships are centered around resting and relaxing (with a drink in your hand). Part of the package for most resorts will include beer, wine, and cocktails. As well, sitting down at the resort restaurant will likely be a monotonous experience only livened up with alcohol.

Consider booking in at a locally owned villa or house to avoid spending money on something you won’t use. This way, you can plan ahead by getting some groceries for breakfasts or snacks, then explore the exciting food options when you go explore the area.

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