4 Waterfalls Near Hiawassee, GA – Beautiful Daytrips

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Hiawassee, Georgia is a small town located in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. The area is known for its stunning natural scenery, including the many waterfalls that can be found nearby.

These waterfalls offer visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty of the area and explore the great outdoors.

Top Waterfalls to Visit Near Hiawassee

The area surrounding the North Georgia Mountains offers a spectacular variety of natural marvels to enjoy. Check out the following waterfalls that are sure to leave you wanting more of the Georgia landscape.

Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls

One of the most popular waterfalls near Hiawassee is Helton Creek Falls. This waterfall is located in the Chattahoochee National Forest and is a short hike from the parking area.

The trail is well-maintained and easy to navigate, making it a great option for families with children or those who may not have the most hiking experience.

The water crashes down the rocky surface, which resembles steps in a stairwell. The waterfall is a beautiful sight to see, especially during the spring and summer months when the water flow is at its highest.

Visitors can also take a dip in the refreshing pools at the base of the falls while gazing up at the thick vegetation that surrounds the falling water.

Anna Ruby Falls


Another popular waterfall near Hiawassee is Anna Ruby Falls. This waterfall is situated on Curtis Creek and is a bit more challenging to reach than Helton Creek Falls.

The trail to the waterfall is steep and rocky, but the effort is well worth it when you reach the base of the falls.

The waterfall is made up of multiple cascades, with the upper part being approximately 50 feet tall and the lower standing at approximately 15 feet tall.

The waterfall is a spectacular sight, particularly during fall when the leaves are changing color. Visitors can also take a swim in the reinvigorating pools at the foot of the falls.

Dukes Creek Falls

Dukes Creek Falls area

Another must-see waterfall near Hiawassee is Dukes Creek Falls. It is located in the Dukes Creek Conservation Area, around 20 miles from Hiawassee.

The waterfall is approximately 150 feet tall and is a spectacular natural feature, especially during spring and summer when the rushing water is at its most powerful.

Visitors can hike to the base of the falls for a closer look, or take in the view from the overlook platform.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the recreation area that is home to lush vegetation and crystal-clear waters.

Tray Mountain Creek Falls


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Last but not least, Tray Mountain Creek Falls is a great way to round out the list. It is located in the Tray Mountain Wilderness Area, around 30 miles from Hiawassee.

The waterfall is approximately 80 feet tall and is a charming spot, particularly during the fall months when the leaves turn a golden brown.

Visitors can take a hike to the foot of the site to get up close to the waterfall or take in the view from the overlook platform.

Where Are the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Georgia?

Georgia is home to several beautiful waterfalls and choosing a single one to point out would be a difficult prospect.

Some of the most popular and scenic locations are in the northern part of the state, in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Some choices to consider include popular and beautiful waterfalls such as Amicalola Falls, located in Amicalola Falls State Park, which is the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeast, Tallulah Falls located in Tallulah Gorge State Park, and Brasstown Bald, which is the highest point in Georgia, and offers a great view of the surrounding area.

How Long Is Anna Ruby Falls Trail?

The well-maintained Anna Ruby Falls trail is a 1.4-mile round-trip hike that leads to the base of the falls. The trail is relatively easy and is suitable for most visitors.

The trail offers several different viewpoints of the falls, from an overlook that provides a great perspective on the gorgeous waterfalls to a trail that leads to the base of the site, offering a more strenuous hike.

What Is the Biggest Waterfall in Georgia?

The biggest waterfall in Georgia is Amicalola Falls, which can be found in Amicalola Falls State Park.

It is a 729-foot waterfall, and it is also the tallest cascading waterfall in the Southeast. The falls can be viewed from an observation deck or by taking a short hike to the base of the site.

The park also offers a variety of recreational activities for visitors of all ages, including hiking, picnicking, and camping.

Does the Appalachian Trail Go Through Hiawassee Georgia?

Yes, the Appalachian Trail does go through Hiawassee, Georgia.

The trail passes through the northern part of the state, running along the border of the Chattahoochee National Forest, and offers hikers the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the area and see some of the state’s beautiful waterfalls, including Anna Ruby Falls.

The trailhead is well-marked and offers a moderate hike that is suitable for most visitors.


Hiawassee, Georgia is home to many beautiful waterfalls that are well worth a visit. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just looking for a short and pleasant walk, there is a waterfall in the area that will suit your needs.

Each waterfall offers its own unique beauty and is a great way to soak up the gorgeous scenery of the area.

The waterfalls in Hiawassee, Georgia are a perfect way to spend a day, luxuriating in nature and getting some exercise at the same time. So pack a picnic, put on your hiking shoes, and head out to one of these stunning waterfalls near Hiawassee.

With so many waterfalls of different shapes and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that will satisfy even the most demanding nature lover.

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