Why RV Travel is the Ultimate Family Vacation

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RVing has become a popular form of travel for families all over America, and it can partly thank the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic for that. As flights were canceled and social distancing became the new normal, many families—in need of a break—rented out RVs and set off to explore the US and its incredible outdoor destinations. 

Even now, after the pandemic is over, families are still favoring RV travel because not only is it more affordable than flying internationally, but there are so many unique attractions throughout the country that are just waiting to be explored. 

If you’re on the fence about RV travel for your family, then these 10 reasons may just encourage you to rent—or even buy—an RV and hit the open road.

An RV Vacation Is Affordable

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One of the biggest benefits that come with RV travel for families is its affordability. You can rent RVs for as little as $500 a week, which compared to air travel for your entire family, will be only a fraction of the cost. 

Now, you will also have to factor in gas prices, but if you plan your trips and don’t drive too far from home, renting an RV will still be cheaper than purchasing four or more plane tickets.

You’ll Save Money That You Would Have Spent on Hotels

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As well as being cheaper than flying, RVs also work out cheaper than nightly hotel stays. Typically, you’ll have to pay fees for campgrounds and campsites, but these fees will be far less than if you were to book a hotel room—or two—for your family to sleep in. 

You may even get lucky and find free camp spots for your RV, meaning you can save hundreds of dollars that can go towards your next RV trip.

You Can See Many Sights in Just One Trip

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The beauty of RVing is you can see so many sights in just one trip, ticking off various activities from your US bucket list. If you were to fly internationally, you’d be somewhat confined to the area you’re staying. Of course, you can rent a car when you land, but even then, you can’t really explore vast distances—in comfort—as you can in an RV.

RV Travel Offers Flexibility 

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Additionally, RV travel is extremely flexible as you’re on your own schedule. You don’t need to think about flight times or hotel check-in or check-out times, so really you can do as you please and forget about time altogether.

Having a Kitchen on Hand Means Food Prep Is Easy

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There aren’t many hotels with kitchens or even kitchenettes, and if you have kids, then you know that they can become hungry in a split second. Usually, if you were staying in a hotel, you’d have to head to a nearby restaurant or order room service, which only increases your costs as the days go on.

With an RV, however, you have a kitchen on hand 24/7, no matter where you are. For example, if you’re driving down the road and your child gets hungry, you can simply pull over and whip up a snack. Having a kitchen can really make a huge difference to your vacation, so that’s another point awarded to RV travel. 

You Can Take Your Dog

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Dogs deserve vacations too, and if you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving your four-legged friend behind, then RV travel is definitely the family vacation for you. Traveling by RV means you can take your dog along with you, and with so many dog-friendly campsites, National Parks, and outdoor areas, you won’t need to worry about your pup being bored or miserable without you. 

You Can Go Anywhere There is a Road

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If there is a road, then your RV can go there, meaning the destination possibilities are endless. Whether you take a road trip down the famous Route 66 or National Park hop to witness some of America’s impressive scenery, RVing really lets you see the country without any limitations.

RVs Encourage Time Outdoors

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Heading out on an RV trip encourages your family to enjoy the great outdoors. And although one downfall of RVs is that you will be confined to a relatively small space, this only enhances the need to get out and about even further. 

Kids these days spend more and more time indoors mesmerized by screens, so packing up into an RV and driving out to National Parks, for example, opens you up to outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, wildlife watching, or kayaking.

You Can Pack as Much as You Like

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When you travel on a plane, you’re restricted to a certain luggage allowance. But with an RV, you can pack as much as you want. Do you want to take a kayak? Well, tie it onto the roof. Do you want deck chairs, tables, and picnic blankets? Pack them in the RV trunk. Are your kids begging to take their bikes, scooters, or skateboards? Secure them onto a bike rack, and off you go!

RVing really is great for families as you don’t have to restrict your belongings, meaning you can take along all your home comforts without a care in the world.

You Spend More Time as a Family

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Even though some people would see the relatively-small living space inside an RV as a problem, others see it as a great way to spend more time with their families. If you were to book a vacation home, for example, your kids would have plenty of space to hide away, but in an RV, they’re almost forced to be in your presence, encouraging quality bonding time with you, their grandparents, and their siblings.

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