10 In-Flight Faux Pas: Don’t Commit These Plane Crimes

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There are just some things you should never do on a plane—regardless of whether you’re flying short or long-haul.

From eating stink-free food to not listening to loud music, here are 10 things you should never do on a plane to ensure a more enjoyable trip for yourself and everyone around you.

Eat Inappropriate Food

Plane Food
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Plane food may not be the most appetizing cuisine in the world. But packing your own food—especially pungent snacks—isn’t always the way to combat it. 

Foods that involve slurping, crunching, or those that are contained in noisy packets should be avoided at all costs. Unless you want the whole plane to hate you, that is.

Be Rude Toward the Flight Crew

Flight Crew
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The flight crew is just doing their job, and they can’t control how long the flight will take, delays, or what food is served to you at meal times. 

You can actually be fined or even imprisoned if you’re continuously rude to the flight crew. So if you don’t want your final destination to be a prison cell, be on your best behavior.

Sleep During Take off and Landing

Sleeping on a Plane
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Take off and landing are the two times where you’ll experience the most pressure in your ears. You know the feeling—where you have to yawn or drink water for your ears to pop. 

Falling asleep during take-off and landing can make it much harder to adjust the pressure once you wake up. And although we know how difficult it can be to stay awake—especially if it’s late at night or you’ve had a long day of travel—try your best to keep your eyes open until the pilot switches off the seatbelt signs.

Listen to Loud Music

Music on Plane
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You might really be into your current playlist. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Noise coming from your headphones can be really irritating to those around you—particularly if you enjoy music with a fair amount of bass. 

Turn your music down a notch to save your fellow passengers and your eardrums.

Get Drunk

Drinking on Plane
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Although it’s the start of your vacation and alcohol on board is often free, it doesn’t mean you should take full advantage and get intoxicated. 

The pressure onboard a plane can speed up the effects of alcohol, causing sickness and unruly behavior. A glass or two is fine, but save the heavy drinking for dry land.

Use Your Devices When You’re Not Supposed To

Phone on Plane
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All planes have different rules, but for the most part, you shouldn’t be listening to music, watching movies, or scrolling through your phone during take-off, landing, or while the crew is doing the safety demonstration. 

If anything were to go wrong during your flight, you need to be able to hear the crew’s instructions. So save your entertainment for when the seatbelt signs are switched off.

Ignore the Requests to Switch Your Devices to Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode
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Phones, Ipads, e-readers, and laptops have airplane mode for a reason. And that is so you can safely use them on a plane. 

Devices can cause electromagnetic interference that can affect the plane’s communication and navigation systems. Although aircraft and technology have advanced tremendously over the past few decades, it isn’t hard to switch on airplane mode for the duration of your flight. Don’t worry; you aren’t going to die without a signal on your phone.

Hog the Arm Rests

Plane Armrests
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If you’re traveling with your family or friends, then hog the armrests all you want. But if you’re sitting next to a stranger, then only use the left or right armrest—depending on whether you’re sitting in the window or aisle seat.

There is no argument that the middle seat is the worst seat on any flight, so give your neighbor the courtesy so they can use both their armrests.

Eat Directly off the Tray Table

Food on Tray Table
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Tray tables are used for all kinds of things—even things that aren’t food related. So you can only imagine the germs that are sitting on the surface. Unless you’ve brought heavy-duty cleaning supplies to thoroughly clean your tray table, don’t eat anything that isn’t protected by a container, bowl, or packaging.

Don’t Stand Up Immediately When the Flight Lands

Standing in Plane
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Have you ever been on a flight when the plane lands and you can hear people unbuckling their seatbelts before the seatbelt sign has been switched off? It’s annoying, isn’t it? 

But what’s even more annoying is when people unbuckle their seatbelts and proceed to stand up—even when the plane is still moving along the runway.

You aren’t going to get anywhere faster by standing up as soon as the plane touches down. So for safety reasons and not to embarrass yourself, stay seated until those seatbelt signs are actually switched off.

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