7 Cutest Animals in the U.S.

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Let’s be honest: the main reason most of us go on the internet is to look at pictures of cute animals.

In the U.S., though, there are plenty of adorable creatures you can see by just looking out your backdoor. Here are just a few of the cutest.

White-Tailed Deer

White-tailed deer
Image Credit: Canva.

There is a reason why people so deerly love Disney’s Bambi film even though it breaks their hearts. Deers always look like something out of a fable, with their large brown eyes, innocence, and gentle nature. White-tailed deer, in particular, have a red-brown coat that changes to grey-brown to help them camouflage themselves in the winter, but the thing that many people find irresistible is the white on the underside of their tails and on their bellies.

Eastern Box Turtle

Eastern box turtle
Image Credit: Canva.

When most people think of adorable animals, they think about mammals. But reptiles can be cuties too! Eastern box turtles are a great example. These shy little guys are known for their colorful legs and grumpy-looking faces, which they can retract inside their also-colorful shell at a moment’s notice. Many people love these animals so much that they keep them as pets, but it is not recommended (or kind, or legal, in most states) to take one out of the wild and bring it home.

Northern Pygmy Owl

Northern pygmy owl
Image Credit: Canva.

Owls, in general, are known for looking cool and mysterious, but the northern pygmy owl is just plain cute. This little bird typically weighs just two ounces and doesn’t usually grow larger than 7 inches tall. Their feathers are either grey or brown, and their tiny, round heads have little white spots on them. Perhaps their cutest feature, though, is their eyes, which are round, yellow, and always curious.

Harbor Seal

Harbor seal
Image Credit: Canva.

Harbor seals can be found on both America’s West and East Coasts. These huggable-looking sea creatures have round heads and short flippers on a body that is typically covered in tiny spots. Many a stuffed plush toy has been made to look like a Harbor Seal, for the sole purpose of making them into something we humans can cuddle at will.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

Eastern cottontail rabbit
Image Credit: Canva.

The eastern cottontail rabbit belongs to a diverse but adorable family of rabbits that can vary from grey to brown to red. They have big feet, long ears, and a tail that looks like — you guessed it — cotton. These little creatures look like they were made for cuddling as well, which is why it is such a shame that they scare so easily!

American Black Bear

American black bear
Image Credit: Canva.

While you might not want to come upon an American black bear while you’re out camping, they are extremely endearing to look at from a distance. These black-furred bears have large ears and brown snouts, and expressive eyes that make you wonder just what sorts of mischief they are planning.

American Red Squirrel

American red squirrel
Image Credit: Canva.

The absolute most adorable animal in America may just be the American red squirrel. This tiny tree squirrel has fur that ranges from rusty brown to bright red, but the cutest thing about them is their ears. Each one features a tiny tuft of dark red hair that goes great with its fluffy red tail and makes them stand out among the other squirrel species (which, to be fair, are pretty darn cute too).


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