What the Devastating Fires in Maui Mean for You

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This week, several deadly wildfires have broken out across the island of Maui in Hawaii. Local residents have been forced into evacuation shelters while many are said to be jumping into the ocean to avoid the blaze.

The small historic town of Lahaina has been completely decimated with power cuts and roads blocked by fallen trees and rubble from buildings.


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A terrifying video captured by a local resident shows the area of West Maui completely engulfed in flames while people try to battle their way to safety.

The initial cause of the fire is currently unknown and under investigation. However, dry conditions and strong winds from Hurricane Dora have caused the blaze to spread rapidly throughout the island. The current death toll is at 6, with thousands of local residents being evacuated to safety.

Some of the island is currently without power, and officials have no idea where the blaze might spread next.

Fire on Lahaina
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The historic town of Lahaina has burned to the ground, with many locals losing homes and businesses. Tourists will not be allowed entrance to the area this week.

Many people have gone to Reddit and other public forums to ask about the islands’ status and if their vacations can begin.

Unfortunately, as the island is in a state of emergency, traveling to the island might be unwise as the fire could spread rapidly to other areas.

Hawaii Air has already issued free cancellations for anyone flying this week to Maui or the Big Island, where more fires have broken out. 

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