The 12 Most Overrated Cities According to the Internet

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In a digital age where opinions flow freely, the Internet has spoken, revealing the 12 cities that bear the dubious honor of being the worst.

From alarming crime rates to mind-numbing traffic, these urban destinations have garnered the collective ire of online critics.

Atlantic City, USA

Overrated Cities - Atlantic City
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Step into Atlantic City, where desperation and fleeting hopes mingle in the stale smokey air. Allow the sounds of the slot machines to mask the faint sound of your bank account slowly draining away.

“Venture a few blocks off the boardwalk and it’s incredibly depressing. Very clearly an area exploited by the big casinos while the locals have been driven to absolute poverty, while they still force a smile to work the shops that are required for the tourist traffic.” – u/juanzy

Dubai, UAE

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Welcome to Dubai, where they turned “bigger is better” into a national motto and construction cranes are the unofficial national mascot. In this city, you can go from skiing indoors to sunbathing on a palm-shaped island faster than you can say “Burj Khalifa.”

“It’s the clickbait of the world. ‘We have the biggest/tallest/most expensive…’ and ‘YOU WON’T BELIEVE when you see THIS…’ It’s hot as f**k, everything’s a man-made tourist trap, labor exploitation and racism are rampant, and they try so hard to prove to the world how modern and Westernized they are. Really, it’s just government propaganda.” – u/Any_Shoulder_2174

Portland, USA

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Portland is home to much more than flannel shirts, big beards, and vinyl! It’s a place where the rain is as consistent as the coffee addiction, and the only thing more organic than the food is the enthusiasm for composting.

“I live in Oregon. People are always going on about how Portland is the best city in the world. Y’all…please visit some others. Portland is fine, but good god, it is not the coolest city in the world.” – u/lesbyeen

Nashville, USA

Image Credit: Canva.

Home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Titans, and the world’s largest pencil (yep), surely you would think Nashville would be a contender for the world’s best city?! Not according to Reddit.

“It’s not a fascinating place, you could tour every interesting place in an eight-hour day. We’re just a crap-ton of bars to get drunk at and construction everywhere. I heard something like 10,000 new people a day move here and I can’t understand why. Go away, people, not even locals like being here anymore.” – u/herculeesjr

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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It’s a place where “coffee shops” serve up more than just your morning caffeine fix, and the canals are filled with tourists who’ve mistaken them for swimming pools.

“Amsterdam is too busy in the summer. The fact that most tourists come to smoke weed and have sex with sex workers doesn’t help either. In the winter, it’s much more pleasant. Also, surrounding cities like Delft and Utrecht are just as pleasant if you’re into sightseeing.” – u/Groundbreakingcow435

Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas
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Sin City, it’s like Disneyland for adults, minus the rides, just with an abundance of questionable life choices and Elvis impersonators instead. Renowned around the world as the place to go for unfiltered fun, many visitors leave feeling tired, horrifically hungover, and with a way lighter wallet.

“Las Vegas. I once ordered four drinks and my tab was $117. Then there’s the heat. And the noise. And the creepy men lingering, well, everywhere.” – u/BubotheGunganEwok

Vancouver, Canada

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Let me introduce Vancouver, where the rainy weather is more consistent than the city’s housing market. Get ready to pack your umbrella, spend hours trying to find parking, and make room for plenty of kale smoothies!

“Expensive as hell, crowded, filthy streets, and some of the coldest, most detached people in all of Canada. But hey, it’s warmer than literally everywhere else in the country.” – u/DaHawtDiggityDawg

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco
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Visiting San Francisco? Strap on your thick-framed glasses, grab a gluten-free cronut, and prepare to experience a city where you’ll find more tech startups than genuine human connections.

“Golden Gate Bridge and the Pier are cool, but the rest of the city is kind of disgusting. Completely filthy and super expensive for even a shitty hotel.” – u/awkjen

Dublin, Ireland

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Dreaming of quiet, quaint Irish pubs where you’ll meet some charming locals who will regale you with Irish myths and tales? Well, you won’t find that in Dublin; expect extravagant prices and overcrowding on every corner.

“I love Ireland, and places like Killarney are incredible, but Dublin is just an average, mediocre city where everything is overpriced.” – u/AnAwesomeWalrus

Palm Springs, USA

Palm Springs
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The only city where the golf carts outnumber cars, Palm Springs is the place to visit if you’re chasing eternal youth and spend your free time daydreaming about your next round of Botox.

“There’s literally nothing to do except maybe hit up some four-star restaurants and golf. The golfing isn’t even in Palm Springs. So many celebrities come here as if it’s some luxury town, but it’s really not. Just a bunch of old retired people sipping alcohol and voting against every interesting thing that gets proposed.” – u/ArousedSloth

Dehli, India

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Love the sound of car horns? How about getting lost in a sea of millions as you head down to get your groceries? AND you love dangerous air quality? Well, Dehli might just be your dream destination!

“There are FAR better places to visit in India. Most Indians who are from other parts of the country already know this, but it baffles me that tourists almost always go there in my experience.” – u/samurai489

Paris, France

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Paris, France, where artistic masterpieces are reduced to selfie backgrounds and where being treated like a lower-class citizen is part of the authentic Parisian dining experience. 

“Paris. So much so that there’s a syndrome named for when tourists find out what it is really like and lose the plot: *Paris Syndrome.” – u/Alvinmcnoodle1

*Paris syndrome is the sense of disappointment felt by visitors of Paris, who feel the city is far from what they expected.


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