Look Inside the Best Treehouses for Rent on Airbnb

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Getting out into nature and renting a cabin makes an excellent family vacation. There are so many options to find a unique spot to call home for a weekend.

One excellent idea for a great holiday is to find a treehouse on Airbnb.

These whimsical cabins offer a once-in-a-lifetime way to experience nature uniquely. If you’re heading into the woods soon for a nice relaxing vacation, consider booking a treehouse!

Quebec, Canada

Treehouse in Quebec 1
Image Credit: Airbnb.

This stunning treehouse is available for rent in Les Éboulements, Quebec. Although this cabin was constructed recently, the host has several other properties with hundreds of reviews and a five-star rating. 

Clearly, these proper owners know how to create a stunning place to stay. The red and orange Quebec foliage makes a quintessential autumn background for you and a loved one to stay in. 

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Treehouse in BC
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Salt Spring Island is part of the Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia. To get here, you’ll need to take a small ferry that has multiple sailings every day.

This unique treehouse is tailor-made for stargazers. The circular cabin is suspended by cedar trees with a completely clear exterior. The treehouse sits on the owner’s farm, so guests can enjoy walking through their organic orchard during the day.

Index, Washington

Treehouse in Washington
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Washington is known as being the best place in the U.S. to get outdoors. This A-frame treehouse takes luxury to the max with its top-notch construction and brand-new interior.

The host describes this cabin as a one-of-a-kind getaway with world-class amenities. Be sure to back your swimsuit and dip into the hot tub while doing some late-night star gazing.

Branson, Missouri

Trehouse in Missouri
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Pack your bag and head to Missouri because this stunning treehouse with a lakefront view is open for business. With hundreds of five- and four-star reviews, this treehouse has luxury amenities with cedar accents and a wide porch, perfect for hosting.

Guests who have stayed here say that the treehouse looks exactly like the photos, and the view of the lake surpasses their expectations.

Crane Hill, Alabama

Trehouse in Alabama
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Whimsy and creativity abound at this country cottage in Alabama. Pack your marshmallows to enjoy the fire pit outdoors at night.

This stunning property is a perfect place to have your honeymoon or just reconnect to nature. The area offers plenty of nature trails to walk along during the day and several outdoor spaces to enjoy a glass of wine at night or hot coffee in the morning.

Trenton, Georgia

Trehouse in Georgia
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Only twenty minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee, sits this stunning treehouse. You’ll feel like you’re swinging from the tree tops in this quiet getaway.

A romantic two-story treehouse is nestled in the woods on Sand Mountain. The cottage also features a suspended bed and a canopy suite for those looking to get the ultimate cozy experience.

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