Lights, Camera, Airbnb: 11 TV and Film-Inspired Stays

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Embark on a ‘reel’ adventure with our list of 11 captivating TV and film-inspired Airbnb getaways.

From Hogwarts to Hobbit-holes, these accommodations offer a magical escape like no other. Step into the scenes of your favorite shows and movies for a truly unforgettable getaway!

Lord of the Rings – Washington

Hobbit-hole Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Cozy yourself up this fall in a comforting Hobbit-hole, which also happens to be an Airbnb! Literally nestled into the Columbia River Gorge mountainside, you won’t find a better spot to rest your tired legs after a hike across the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Back to the Future – Texas

The McFly Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Take a trip Back to the Future when booking this 80s-inspired Airbnb. The McFly, named after a certain Marty, will transport you back to the 1980s with its pastel and neon colors, arcade games, and cultural memorabilia. Oh, and for an extra dose of nostalgia, expect to find your kitchen cupboards stocked up with your favorite childhood cereals!

Scream – California

Scream Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Are you a fan of jump-scares? Well, we have the Airbnb for you! This Scream House is where Neve Campbell, AKA Sidney Prescott, finds out who the killers are that have been making her life a living nightmare. So, are you brave enough?

Toy Story – Texas

Toy Story Experience
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Toy Story enthusiasts will adore this vibrant and joyful El Paso Airbnb, seamlessly integrating the movie’s charm into its decor. With three bedrooms, the property offers a kid-friendly living room featuring cozy seating and a fireplace, along with a delightful “you’ve got a friend in me” photo backdrop.

Murder She Wrote – California

Murder She Wrote Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Once the charming abode of Jessica Fletcher in the make-believe town of Cabot Cove, this beautiful cottage has been operating as a bed and breakfast for numerous decades. With room for up to four people, the pricing varies according to the number of guests. Notably, the beloved series is rumored to have contributed more than $2 million to the local economy during its airtime.

Harry Potter – Florida

Harry Potter Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Wands at the ready, you’ve finally received your Hogwarts acceptance letter! Well, sort of. Just a short drive from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios is a magical Airbnb, perfect for any budding witches and wizards. From movie props to Hogwarts wardrobe, there is no better place to stay for Harry Potter fans.

The Godfather – New York

The Godfather Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Built in 1930, the 6,248-square-foot mansion featured in “The Godfather” is still standing proudly in Staten Island, New York. The outside keeps its 70s movie look with classic English Tudor style, including gray and brown accents. Inside, it’s a different story – the whole place has been revamped. But don’t worry, the “Godfather” charm still lingers in the vintage furniture spread around the house and a cool bar downstairs with all your favorite drinks.

Pirates of the Caribbean – California

Pirates of the Caribbean Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Ahoy there, mateys! Prepare to set sail on a Pirates of the Caribbean escapade in Topanga Canyon, California. Step into a world that feels like a forgotten island hideaway, complete with tiki torches, lush foliage, and enchanting totem poles. And that’s not all – there’s even a hot tub and sauna on-site for some extra relaxation and pampering.

Friends – Florida

Friends Airbnb
Image Credit:

Transporting Central Perk to Tampa, Florida, this Friends-themed apartment brings the beloved 90s vibe to life. Complete with the iconic couch, vibrant purple paint, a must-visit yellow doorbell photo spot, and charming hanging umbrellas. It’s a nostalgic haven that fans of Monica and Chandler will equally adore.

A Fairytale Cottage – California

Fairytale Cottage Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

Enter the pages of your favorite fairytale when you stay at this charming little gingerbread house Airbnb. The small cottage is on the property of the Isis Oasis Sanctuary, a place designed for beautiful and magical vacations. Just make sure to pack some snacks in case you wake up and fancy taking a bite out of the walls! 

Barbie – Wisconsin

Barbie Airbnb
Image Credit: Airbnb.

With the release of the new Barbie movie, there’s no better time to check in to PinkCastle Babe’cation! The themed Airbnb offers 4,400 square feet, five bedrooms, an outdoor pool, a hot tub, and an entertaining room. Unique features like a mermaid room, golden thrones, and a cabana pool house with a bar add charm. For extra flair, pink Escalade or moped rentals are available.

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