From Highlands to History: Best Ways to Explore the UK

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Going abroad for a summer vacation can be one of the top ways to explore the world. While most people opt to head for the beaches in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, visiting the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly popular.

However, the UK is unlike anywhere else in the world, so be sure to read our tips and tricks for the best ways to explore the UK for a successful vacation abroad.

Book Day Tours

day tour through london
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Day tours in the UK can be one of the best ways to see significant sights and historical locations. The UK is actually quite small, so taking a tour that lasts a full day can allow you to see multiple attractions.

Also, getting the insight of a local and an expert will enable you to learn the correct history behind many misunderstood places.

Book a Train

train through scotland
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In America, we can become accustomed to air travel due to the fact that everything is spread apart so far. However, in the UK, the train can be one of the fastest, most reliable methods of travel.

The tickets are cost-effective and will get you to your next destination in comfort and style. Many people who feel too cramped on plains will often remark that trains are much more luxurious and spacious, creating a less stressful experience.

Forget the Rental Car

cars in english countryside
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Choosing to rent a car in the UK can often be a waste of time and money. Staying in busier metropolitan areas will either be very walkable or have plenty of public transit options.

Also, in the countryside, roads can be so small that Americans often feel stressed out trying to drive on the left side of the road while coming within inches of a cliff or another car. Instead, opt to take tour buses to major tourist attractions when in more remote areas.

Bring Enough Cash

Paying for drinks in England
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The old saying is true, “Cash is king!” Although it’s essential to have working credit cards while traveling abroad, you never know when a restaurant, hotel, or cab will only accept cash or when your foreign credit card might not be accepted.

To avoid getting stuck in a bad situation, be sure to bring more than enough cash with you to any foreign country. If you have extra cash when you get home, you can always exchange it back.

Go to the Busy Tourist Attractions

Stone Henge
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We’ve probably all heard someone brag about their European vacation and then tell you why the big tourist attractions aren’t worth visiting. Some people say big attractions can be too busy, overpriced, or just underwhelming.

However, everything is worth experiencing, so go ahead and visit that big tourist attraction that you’ve always wanted to see and form your own opinion.

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