13 of the Most Visited Tourist Spots in America

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America is filled with so many attractions, landmarks, and hot spots that it’s no wonder why so many people—roughly 175 million—vacation to the States each and every year. 

Of all the country’s attractions to visit, there are some that are frequented more often than others. And although when you think of US destinations, your mind instantly goes to the State of Liberty, the White House, and The Golden Gate Bridge, there are other landmarks throughout the country that actually see far more traffic. So, let’s take a look at 13 of America’s most visited attractions.

Times Square, New York

Times Square New York
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Times Square isn’t just one of America’s most visited attractions but also one of the world’s. The popular New York hotspot sees 50 million visitors annually. 

Times Square is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, dazzling billboards, neon lights, and digital displays. But the city also draws visitors to its Broadway theatres, bustling stores, and world-class restaurants. A bucket list destination for both Americans and tourists alike, Times Square is an iconic American landmark that captivates people from all walks of life. 

Central Park, New York

Central Park New York
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Another incredibly popular destination in New York is Central Park which sees around 42 million visitors every year. The urban oasis, which is nestled amidst the bustling city, offers New Yorkers and tourists an escape from the concrete jungle. With expansive green lawns, lush woodlands, and picturesque ponds, Central Park is a sanctuary for relaxation and recreation throughout all four seasons.

With activities like jogging, cycling, ice skating, and picnicking, as well as witnessing the park’s historic landmarks, visitors to Central Park are kept entertained from sunrise to sunset. Tourists can even spot where some of their favorite movies were filmed!

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip
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The Las Vegas Strip is infamous. And for good reason. With so many things to see and do—aside from its world-famous casinos—it would literally take you years to experience everything the area has to offer. For this reason, roughly 42 million people make their way to Sin City to gamble and marvel at Las Vegas’ one-of-a-kind entertainment.

Union Station, Washington D.C.

Union Station Washington D.C
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Although Union Station’s primary use is as a transportation hub, the building is a piece of architectural art that draws in visitors from far and wide. Union Station’s columns, sculptures, and elegant main hall play host to high-end shops, boutiques, and dining options, as well as being a gateway into the nation’s capital.

National Mall, Washington D.C.

National Mall Washington D.C
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The National Mall is one of Washington’s most well-known destinations, so it probably comes as no surprise that every year 25 million people come to see where Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. 

On top of the mall’s beautiful expansive green space, however,  its landmarks like the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the U.S. Capitol attract tourists interested in American heritage and culture as well as those who appreciate historic architecture. 

With special events that take place, including marches, festivals, and presidential inaugurations, the National Mall is an enchanting tourist destination right in America’s capital city.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Golden Gate Park San Francisco
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The Golden Gate Park, roughly 4 miles from the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, is a popular green space in San Francisco. Spanning 1,017 acres, the park is home to serene lakes, tranquil meadows, and cultural gems like the de Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, and the iconic Japanese Tea Garden. Every year 24 million people visit the park, and whether they’re in search of nature, cultural enrichment, or just a place to unwind, the Golden Gate Park certainly devils.

Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Grand Central Terminal New York City
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Would you believe that on an average day, roughly 750,000 people pass through the Grand Central Terminal in New York? Granted, many of those people are New Yorkers, but tourists who appreciate architecture—and Hollywood movies—frequent the station to see its beauty and experience its vibrant energy.

Walt Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World Florida
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Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, attracts over 58 million people to its four theme parks and two water parks. Those figures make Disney World the most visited vacation resort in the world. 

Of all the parks, the smallest park—the Magic Kingdom—is the most frequented by tourists thanks to its Cinderella Castle, which stands proud in its center.

Lincoln Park, Chicago

Lincoln Park Chicago
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Lincoln Park is Chicago’s most famous green space after John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Today, Lincoln Park has lush green spaces, walking trails, and beautiful gardens that attract tourists and locals who need a break from the city. The park’s family-friendly playgrounds, sports fields, and museums only add to its appeal, which is why it sees 20 million visitors through its gates every year.

Disneyland Resort, California

Disneyland Resort California
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Although Disney World on America’s west side sees twice as many visitors, Disneyland in California is up there with one of the country’s busiest attractions. Since its opening in 1955, the park has grown in size, and with that, has the number of visitors that come to spend the day with Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the Disney gang.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston
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Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston continues to draw hordes of visitors from all over the world for a few different reasons. Firstly, the marketplace stands as a symbol of historical significance, having played a vital role in America’s colonial past as a site for pivotal speeches and debates.

Secondly, Faneuil Hall Marketplace has an extensive array of shopping options, street performers, musicians, and food stalls. And thirdly, Faneuil Hall Marketplace’s strategic location in the heart of downtown Boston makes it easily accessible to both locals and tourists—especially those who are visiting the city’s other important landmarks.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
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The busiest National Park in America has made its way onto this list as over 14 million people flock to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to hike, camp, and view the area’s wildlife—mainly the park’s resident black bears, but also elk, white-tailed deer, and wild turkeys. 

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles

Hollywood Walk of Fame Los Angeles
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The final most visited destination in America is the Hollywood Walk of Fame which entices people from all over the globe. The legendary landmark located right in the heart of Hollywood plays homage to some of the entertainment industry’s most celebrated figures, and with over 10 million visitors each year, it may just be one of the busiest sidewalks on the planet.

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