You’ve Never Seen Birds Like These: 22 Weirdest Looking Birds Around the Globe

Rhinoceros Hornbill

The ornithological world is full of interesting birds, from extraordinary behavior and mating rituals to striking patterns, plumage, colors, and sizes. While all species of bird have features that make them unique, some are just a feather more unique-looking than others. Here are 22 of the most visually unique birds from across the globe. Read … Read more

Nearly Half of Travelers Splurge on Vacation Homes with Luxuries They Can’t Afford Back Home

Woman in luxury kitchen

Key Takeaways: A noticeable shift towards luxury amenities has been observed in vacation homes with 42% of travelers leaning toward such experiences. Vacation homes are morphing into personalized luxury retreats, offering unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Vacation rental platforms need to adapt to this trend by focusing on enhancing their amenity offerings. As … Read more

Fan-Favorite TV Shows Now Dictate 50% of All Travelers’ Vacation Choices

Cowboy with riding off toward mountains

Here’s What You Need To Know: Expedia’s report points out that over half of travelers choose vacation destinations influenced by shows they’ve binged on. This signifies a growing bond between viewers and the locations showcased in popular TV programs. “Set-jetting,” or visiting destinations brought to life on-screen, receives a boost during the pandemic, intensifying interest … Read more

Are Concerts the New Vacation? Expedia’s 2024 Forecast Reveals 70% of Travelers Say Yes!

Couple at a concert

Key Takeaways: Expedia’s 2024 forecast suggests a significant rise in travel motivated by music concerts. This trend underlines the evolving intersection of travel and music, offering unique experiences for passionate concert-goers. The reshaping of travel preferences opens up intriguing opportunities for the tourism industry and previously underexplored destinations. In the harmonious crossroads between music and … Read more

Thanksgiving Gets Cheaper as Gas Prices Drop, Saving Americans a Cool $573 Million

Man Happy To Be Driving

As the national average gas price is set to drop to $3.25 per gallon, American families are looking forward to saving a whopping $573 million during this year’s holiday travel compared to last year. Key Takeaways: Gas prices have dropped to their lowest since February. 41% of Americans, an 8% increase from 2022, plan to … Read more

Holiday Joy in Peril: What 61% of Parents Fear Might Ruin Their Travel Plans

Kid riding in the car

85% of parents are traveling with kids this holiday season. Their number one fear might surprise you.  Key Takeaways: A recent Mazda survey reveals that 85% of parents plan to travel with their kids during the holiday season. The biggest concern for these parents? Carsick children. Mazda partners with Dr. Mona Amin, a board-certified pediatrician, … Read more