World of Wonders: Embark on a Journey to the Best Theme Parks

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Millions of people travel all over the world to visit theme parks every year. But there are some that undoubtedly stand out above the rest. With theme park food, incredible theming, adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters, and elaborate shows, theme parks play a huge part in the tourism industry. 

From the world-famous Walt Disney World in Florida to Ferrari World in the United Arab Emirates, here are 13 of the best theme parks all over the globe that you should add to your future vacation bucket list.

Walt Disney World, USA

Walt Disney World USA
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The most well-known theme park in the world—Walt Disney World—draws in over 58 million visitors to its four theme parks and two water parks. Spanning 27,520 acres, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has captured the heart of Disney fans all over the world and has remained a magical destination since its opening in 1971. 

Disney World’s four parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, each offer unique theming, attractions, and immersive experiences, letting guests interact with their favorite beloved Disney characters. With additional Disney World resort hotels, golf courses, and entertainment complexes, Walt Disney World offers an unforgettable vacation experience like no other on Earth.

Universal Studios Florida, USA

Universal Studios Orlando USA
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The Walt Disney World parks just weren’t enough for Orlando, so along came Universal Studios Florida in 1990. Unlike its much larger competitor, Universal Studios Florida is the place to go for thrill-seekers in need of an adrenaline rush. 

With a selection of rollercoasters, 3D and 4D attractions, and the park’s newest—and most popular land—the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it’s no surprise that Universal Studios welcomes 22 million visitors through its gates each year. Aimed at an older audience, especially those who are fans of Universal Pictures movies, Universal Studios Florida has ten unique themed lands, two theme parks, and its very own water park, Volcano Bay.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, USA

Six Flags Magic Mountain USA
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In Valencia, California, lies the thrilling and captivating amusement park, Six Flags Magic Mountain. As one of the flagship properties of the renowned Six Flags chain, Six Flags Magic Mountain boasts a jaw-dropping array of world-class roller coasters and attractions that cater to every thrill-seeker’s wildest dreams. 

With its breathtaking mountainside setting and sunny Southern California climate, visitors are treated to picturesque views and an ideal environment for adventure, both of which help make Six Flags Magic Mountain one of the best theme parks in the world. 

Adrenaline junkies can get their hearts racing on the park’s 19 rollercoasters—especially one of the world’s tallest and fastest looping coasters, Full Throttle—that defy gravity and leave guests yearning for more. And don’t worry, even smaller visitors are well catered for at Six Flags Magic Mountain as there are more than 100 rides, live shows, and zones specially designed for little ones.

Disneyland Resort, USA

Disneyland Resort USA
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No Disney park will ever compare to Florida’s Walt Disney World, but Disney’s first-ever park, Disneyland California, is a close second. Located in Anaheim, Disneyland California, unlike Walt Disney World, has only two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. 

But despite its smaller size, Disneyland California still transports guests into a realm of fantasy and imagination, boasting iconic Disney rides and well-known themed lands. From Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean to vibrant parades and beautiful firework displays, Disneyland California remains an extraordinary destination with 17 million visitors each year.

Cedar Point, USA

Cedar Point USA
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In Sandusky, Ohio, is the self-titled rollercoaster capital of the world, Cedar Point. With 18 rollercoasters, 11 miles of track, and some of the fastest, longest, and highest coasters in the world, Cedar Point definitely lives up to its name. Since its opening in 1870, Cedar Point has offered an unmatched adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers—especially on its record-breaking coasters like the Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and Steel Vengeance. 

And even if fast and scary coasters aren’t your thing, the park houses plenty of other attractions, including a waterpark and rides for young children making it a great destination for the entire family.

Busch Gardens, Florida, USA

Busch Gardens Florida
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There aren’t many places where you can get your adrenaline pumping on rollercoasters, all while surrounded by animals—except at Busch Gardens, Florida. Located in Tampa Bay, Busch Gardens seamlessly blends the thrills of an amusement park with the excitement of a wildlife sanctuary.

Coaster lovers can brave heart-pounding roller coasters like SheiKra and Montu, while families can enjoy the vibrant and immersive world of Sesame Street Safari of Fun. Additionally, offering the chance to connect with nature in the Serengeti Safari and Jungala, Busch Gardens, with its captivating shows, mouthwatering dining options, and beautifully landscaped gardens, guarantees an unforgettable day of fun for all its guests.

Alton Towers, England

Alton Towers England
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Alton Towers has earned its spot on the best theme parks in the world list simply because of its dedication to introducing new world-class rides to its park in Staffordshire, England. Some of the park’s most iconic rides, such as Oblivion, Nemesis, and Wicker Man, are like no other and will scare even the bravest riders. 

But despite its looping, whirling, and twisting rides, this thrilling park also caters to a younger demographic with captivating themed areas, like CBeebies Land. With additional landscaped gardens, a stunning historic castle, and a wide array of eateries and shops, Alton Towers is a popular destination for the entire family, with over 2 million visitors annually.

Universal Studios, Japan

Universal Studios Japan
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There are six Universal Studios spread out across the world, and another of the chain’s best can be found in Osaka, Japan. Universal Studios Japan leaves visitors in awe with its thrilling attractions and enchanting experiences. As one of the most renowned theme parks in Asia, Universal Studios Japan showcases a diverse array of movie-inspired attractions which allow guests to immerse themselves in the magic of their favorite films. 

From pulse-pounding roller coasters to immersive 3D simulations, Universal Studios Japan really does offer a perfect blend of adrenaline-pumping adventures and family-friendly entertainment.

Tokyo DisneySea, Japan

Tokyo DisneySea Japan
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Similar to Universal Studios, there are six Disney resorts comprising of twelve parks that are spread out across the world. But of all the parks, there is one that stands out from the rest, and that is Tokyo DisneySea.

Tokyo DisneySea is a captivating and enchanting theme park located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan, and it really is one of the most extraordinary creations of the Disney franchise. Opened in 2001, this unique maritime-themed park, with its elaborate design and immersive storytelling, transports visitors to a world of adventure and wonder. And with seven ports to explore, all inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, DisneySea is like no other Disney park around. 

From the bustling streets of the American Waterfront to the mystical Arabian Coast, each port offers a diverse array of attractions and shows that cater to visitors of all ages. And while you’re there, you can even visit Tokyo Disneyland—a park that fits the Disney franchise perfectly with its iconic Cinderella’s Castle.

IMG Worlds of Adventure, UAE

IMG Worlds of Adventure UAE
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IMG Worlds of Adventure is a truly unique theme park as its set entirely indoors. Located in Dubai in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park boasting an array of entertainment and iconic characters from popular franchises like Marvel and Cartoon Network. 

From spine-tingling roller coasters to family-friendly attractions that spark wonder and joy, IMG Worlds of Adventure, with its five adventure zones, offers plenty of opportunities to plunge, loop, spin, and imagine, all while being sheltered from the sun in much-needed air conditioning. 

Ferrari World, UAE

Ferrari World UAE
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On the outskirts of Abu Dhabi in the UAE is Ferrari World which is largely undercover to escape the Middle Eastern Heat. Designed specifically for those who enjoy formula one racing, Ferrari World stands as a testament to the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer’s legacy and innovation. 

The iconic red roof of the vast theme park structure dominates the skyline, inviting visitors to a world of adrenaline-pumping experiences and boundless excitement. Inside, an array of state-of-the-art rides and attractions awaits, including Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster on the planet, simulating the sensation of racing in a Formula 1 car. 

Beyond the heart-pounding rides, Ferrari World also offers a glimpse into the brand’s heritage, with a captivating collection of vintage and modern Ferraris on display. Whether it’s the exhilarating speed, the striking architecture, or the sheer passion for all things Ferrari, a visit to Ferrari World promises an unforgettable adventure for visitors of all ages.

PortAventura Park, Spain

PortAventura Park Spain
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PortAventura Park is one of the most popular theme parks in Europe, with a diverse range of attractions and entertainment for both families and thrill-seekers alike. Divided into several distinct thematic areas, PortAventura has adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters like Furious Baco and Hurakan Condor that are set amongst areas that represent different cultures and time periods like the colorful streets of Mediterrània or the exotic realms of Polynesia. With a perfect blend of excitement, spectacle, and fun, PortAventura welcomes over 5 million visitors every year. 

Europa-Park, Germany

Europa Park Germany
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Europa Park, located in Rust, Germany, is by far the busiest park in the country and one of the most popular in Europe. As one of Europe’s largest theme parks, Europa-Park transports its guests on an unforgettable journey across the continent through its roller coasters, water rides, and family-friendly attractions, as well as its attention to detail and thematic immersion, with meticulously designed themed areas representing different European countries.

Visitors can stroll through cobblestone streets reminiscent of Italy, witness the charm of a Bavarian village, or explore the mythic realms of ancient Greece, all before plunging hundreds of feet on the park’s biggest rollercoasters.

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