Unleash the Fun: 10 Pawsome Pet-Friendly US Vacation Spots!

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Megan Bryant is a passionate writer and traveler who has combined her two loves to help others fulfill their traveling dreams. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually curled up with her 3 Dachshunds and a good book or planning her next adventure—wherever that may be.

Even if all your dog—or cat—does all day is sleep, they deserve a vacation too. And luckily, living in the US, there are plenty of breathtaking pet-friendly vacation spots just waiting to be explored. 

From National Parks and soft sand beaches to canyons and city breaks, these destinations are the perfect break for you and your four-legged companion. 

Kanab, Utah

Kanab Utah
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The small town of Kanab in Utah offers miles and miles of desert trails, beautiful canyons, and rolling sand dunes. There really is no better place for your furry friend to run around. 

And what makes this town so famous is the fact that it is home to the largest no-kill companion animal shelter in the country. You’ll even find a pet-friendly motel with its own fenced-in dog park, pet washing stations, and splash zone. It’s inevitable that your dog will end up having more fun than you will!

Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island Florida
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If your dog likes kicking back and relaxing on the sand, then Sanibel Island in Florida is the summer vacation spot for you. You’ll find that all of the white-sand beaches on Sanibel Island are pet friendly, as long as your pup is kept on a leash no longer than 8 feet.

Quite possibly, the most popular beach for the four-legged community is Gulfside Beach. With picnic areas, grills, restrooms, and outdoor showers, you can spend the entire day soaking up the sun and splashing around in the shallows.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park Maine
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The Acadia National Park in Maine is one of the most dog-friendly National Parks in the country. It boasts 100 miles of hiking trails, wilderness areas, carriage roads, and sandy beaches, allowing your perfect pooch to enjoy the outdoors with their best friend by their side. 

If you do plan on visiting Acadia, however, just keep in mind that dogs aren’t allowed in the lakes and natural water sources. But don’t worry, there’s no discrimination against those with four legs because even humans aren’t allowed to swim.

Austin, Texas

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Are you more of a city person? No problem! Austin, Texas, is a great pet-friendly US vacation spot for those who prefer the fast-paced life. 

You can take Fido on a 10-mile boardwalk around Lady Bird Lake. Or take a trip to Red Bud Isle—an entire off-leash 13-acre area. For those days when temperatures are well into the hundreds, head over to Barkin’ Springs to wade in shallow waters and possibly make a friend or two.

Bend, Oregon

Bend Oregon
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Outdoor enthusiasts will have the time of their lives in Bend, Oregon. With alpine lakes, extinct volcanoes, and National Forests, it’s pretty hard not to. 

Although Bend has 51 miles of trails, the real reason many dog owners flock to the area is for the 13 off-leash areas that allow your dog freedom to be, well, a dog.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon Arizona
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The Grand Canyon is one of the most iconic outdoor areas in the world. And on the 14-mile paved South Rim Trail, even leashed dogs are allowed to experience the beauty of the canyon. 

Witness the iconic Yavapai, Hopi, Mojave, and Mather viewpoints. Spend the night in one of the area’s pet-friendly accommodation options. And finish the trip off by taking the scenic Desert View Drive route home.

Dog Mountain, Saint Johnsbury, Vermont

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If you’re looking for the ultimate pet-friendly summer vacation spot, then  Dog Mountain takes the top spot. 

Dog Mountain is a private 150-acre property that welcomes dogs and owners alike to enjoy the property’s meadows, lakes, trails, and ponds. And the best part? No leashes are needed!

San Francisco, California

San Francisco California
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With iconic landmarks, dog-friendly beaches, and plenty of parks, San Francisco really has it all. There are even pet-friendly establishments where your dog can wine and dine right alongside you—okay, maybe not so much wine, but definitely dine!

Being one of the top dog-friendly cities in America, San Francisco ticks all the boxes for a summer vacation with your pooch.

Lake Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Lake Coeur dAlene Idaho
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Nothing screams summer more than a trip to the lake. And Lake Coeur d’Alene in North Idaho, with its 135 miles of shoreline, is calling your pet’s name.

With more than a dozen boat ramps, sandy beaches, and extensive hiking trails, the entire family—pup included—can unwind amongst the pines taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon Nevada
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Just 17 miles from the world-famous Las Vegas strip is Red Rock Canyon, which couldn’t be any more different if it tried. Vast desert areas, towering canyon walls, and 30 miles of pet-friendly trails make the National Conservation Area in Nevada an excellent pet-friendly summer destination. As long as your dog is kept on its leash, that is.

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