Feast on Wheels: America’s Best Food Truck Festivals

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Food truck festivals are some of the best summer events imaginable. I mean, not only do you get to devour delicious food. But you also get to listen to live music, support your local community, and enjoy the bustling positive atmosphere that festivals of all kinds inevitably bring. 

If you’re a foodie on the hunt for a festival to satisfy your taste buds, then you really won’t want to miss these mouthwatering American food truck festivals. 

California SoulFood Cookout and Festival, California

Food Truck Festival 1 1
Image Credit: Facebook/California Soul-Food Cookout and Festival.

The California SoulFood Cookout and Festival brings together soul music and the vibrant food truck culture in the heart of California—what more could you ask for? Showcasing an array of food trucks specializing in everything from tender and juicy barbecue ribs to crispy fried chicken and comforting macaroni and cheese, the California SoulFood Cookout and Festival does not disappoint. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. 

But although the food is a big part of the festival, the live music, vibrant entertainment, and high-spirited atmosphere are what really make the California SoulFood Cookout and Festival one of the best in America. 

Whether you’re a local foodie or a traveler exploring the culinary scene, this festival is a must-visit for an unforgettable soul food adventure.

Cape Cod Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival, Cape Cod

Food Truck Festival 2 1
Image Credit: Facebook/Cape Cod Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival.

The Cape Cod Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival is held every year on the picturesque Cape Cod and brings together food trucks from all over the country. With the amount of food options the food trucks offer, there is something for every palate—you really will be spoilt for choice. 

As the name of the festival suggests, the Cape Cod Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival also has an impressive selection of craft beers. Foodies can not only enjoy their food but do so with a locally brewed craft beer while listening to live music with Cape Cods’ stunning seaside backdrop. 

The Cape Cod Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival really gives you the best of both worlds, showcasing what food trucks and craft beer have to offer.

Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest, Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest
Image Credit: Facebook/Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest.

Nestled in the seaside town of Sea Isle City, New Jersey, the Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest offers its guests exquisite seafood dishes, gourmet burgers, and mouthwatering BBQ foods that will make you very glad you came. 

Like many food truck festivals all over America, Sea Isle City Food Truck Fest puts on live music and entertainment for its visitors to enjoy. Time really will fly when you’re having fun, and before you know it, it will be time to head home with both your belly and heart full.

Chicago Food Truck Festival, Chicago

Chicago Food Truck Festival
Image Credit: Facebook/Chicago Food Truck Festival.

The Chicago Food Truck Festival offers a wide array of food trucks and cuisines to both locals and visitors to the Windy City in June. No matter what you’re craving, the Chicago Food Truck Festival will deliver, serving up everything from Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizzas, tacos, sandwiches, and even Indian dishes. 

And the best part? You can chow down while listening to music from local artists—it really doesn’t get much better than that. If you’re planning to visit the Chicago Food Truck Festival, know that you’ll be taken on a gastronomic adventure that will leave your taste buds in awe.

Interstate Food Truck Festival, Maryland

Interstate Food Truck Festival
Image Credit: DepositPhotos.

The Interstate Food Truck Festival in Maryland focuses largely on BBQ foods. However, in true food truck fashion, there are plenty of other dishes—including meat-free dishes—to enjoy. One of the main events of the festival is a BBQ competition, but you’ll also find karaoke, pony rides, cornhole, and a bouncy castle to keep the little ones entertained.

Visitors to the festival can explore a multitude of culinary delights, supporting local businesses and vendors in the process. With something for everyone to enjoy, the Interstate Food Truck Festival is an event that foodies of all ages can enjoy.

Food Truck Tuesdays at Haulover Park

Food Truck Tuesdays at Haulover Park
Image Credit: Facebook/Food Truck Tuesdays at Haulover Park

One of the best things about living in Florida is the fact that it doesn’t get cold all year round. Even in the winter, Florida can’t really be classed as “cold,” making it the perfect venue for year-round food truck Tuesdays. 

Every Tuesday in Halouver Park, Miami, food trucks gather from 5 pm to 10 pm to serve international dishes and cuisines to all of the event’s visitors. 

With both sand and grassed areas for you to eat your Tuesday night dinner on, the Food Truck Tuesdays and Halouver Park are suited to families and couples after some tantalizing grub.

Los Angeles Street Food Fest, Los Angeles

L.A. Food Fest
Image Credit: Facebook/L.A. Food Fest.

The L.A. Street Food Fest is Los Angeles’ largest food truck event bringing all of the city’s—and West Coast’s—favorite food trucks together. 

Festival attendees can savor the flavors of both local and innovative culinary creations, all prepared with passion and creativity right in front of you. And if the food wasn’t tempting enough, the L.A. Street Food Fest also has live music and over 100 vendors selling unique products for you to browse through.

Atlanta Street Food Festival, Atlanta

Atlanta Street Food Festival
Image Credit: Facebook/Atlanta Street Food Festival.

The annual two-day Atlanta Street Food Festival is an exciting event that brings foodies together, tasting in their thousands. Free to anyone who wants to stop by, the Atlanta Street Food Fest has over 70 mobile eateries with delectable cuisines, ranging from classic American comfort food to international delicacies.

And like any good food truck festival, the Atlanta Street Good Fest has dance performances, live music, and activities to entertain kids of all ages.

The World’s Largest Food Truck Rally, Michigan

The Worlds Largest Food Truck Rally
Image Credit: Facebook/The World’s Largest Food Truck Rally.

If there is one food truck festival that really has it all, then it’s the World’s Largest Food Truck Rally. I mean, the name really says it all, doesn’t it? 

Ionia, Michigan, now plays host to the festival that gathers over 200 food trucks for the public to enjoy. And as I’m sure you can imagine, with over 200 trucks to choose from, you’ll be met with a whole heap of cuisines and dishes to choose from. Just be prepared to eat yourself into a food coma because, really, it’s hard not to.

Columbus Food Truck Festival, Columbus

Columbus Food Truck Festival
Image Credit: Facebook/Columbus Food Truck Festival.

Columbus, Ohio, may be known for its culture, tech, and art, but it’s also home to street food and food trucks from talented vendors all over the city. Coming together at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, master food truck chefs deliver delicious dishes to festival-goers who have quickly made the festival one of the biggest events in Columbus. 

With children’s activities, live performances, and the event promoting and sustaining the communities local economy, there is really no reason not to attend.

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